race relations 2

I wish it could be as simple as an argument between neighbours, but in becoming aware of my colour, and what that means for me in society, these types of encounters have political, racial and power dynamics that I just can’t ignore. In fact I have no other way to experience things because this is the world I live in. … More race relations 2

race relations

At what point is an apology necessary, versus it being demeaning, and something we do only because we have been conditioned by society to bow our heads, smile, push our manners and politeness forward. … More race relations

The Past part 1- when you know you should write something, but all you do is binge watch HGTV…

The house is a metaphor for your life, and what we always come back to is the basement, our childhood traumas, the role our parent’s played and what they modelled in terms of relationships, our early experiences, and the things we bury so deep we never give a second thought to. All of these things require us to go through the process of healing… … More The Past part 1- when you know you should write something, but all you do is binge watch HGTV…

simple support

Not long after, I emerged from the bedroom. Having finished my piece, I felt relieved, and calmed. As usual, the writing process put me in a completely different state. I’m still amazed by the conversations we can have together when a problem arises. … More simple support

emotional days

Today was an emotionally draining day. It’s hard trying to get through the day with a knot in your throat, and a retail smile on your face. Tears surfacing, but never over flowing, all the while your mind is on this loop, of the things you need to process, the things you want to write … More emotional days

“You Deserve Better”

The only way forward is with courage…the courage to move forward ALONE….and to decide that you would rather be alone than repeat unhealthy patterns, because that decision is ultimately a gift to yourself, a chance at finding something truly beautiful, and meaningful, something you are deserving of. And so you see why you must love yourself? Because if you do not, then you have no reason to face these fears, and nothing to fight for. … More “You Deserve Better”