simple support

Not long after, I emerged from the bedroom. Having finished my piece, I felt relieved, and calmed. As usual, the writing process put me in a completely different state. I’m still amazed by the conversations we can have together when a problem arises. … More simple support



Everywhere I looked I saw us. I saw us in everything. I drove the same routes and streets that we used to, just out of habit. Past our old apartment building, and restaurants we enjoyed together. I felt like a ghost wandering through a graveyard of
memories, places that still exist, yet we don’t. … More Nostalgia

“You Deserve Better”

The only way forward is with courage…the courage to move forward ALONE….and to decide that you would rather be alone than repeat unhealthy patterns, because that decision is ultimately a gift to yourself, a chance at finding something truly beautiful, and meaningful, something you are deserving of. And so you see why you must love yourself? Because if you do not, then you have no reason to face these fears, and nothing to fight for. … More “You Deserve Better”

I guess I watch too many Chick Flicks…

I’m frustrated. It’s been months and I’m tired of all the lessons. The inspirational quotes and memes that were once significant and meaningful, now only contradict each other. Peace, forgiveness, loving yourself, acceptance…all beautiful notions in theory and much harder to accomplish in reality. I’m supposed to sit quiet and listen to myself, get to … More I guess I watch too many Chick Flicks…

I was going to call this “aloneness” but then…

I woke up today and felt an overwhelming sensation of “aloneness”. Different than loneliness in that my idea of loneliness is that you miss someone, not necessarily someone specific, but you have an idea of someone or something to miss. Aloneness, this feeling that I woke up with is heavier. I can’t feel lonely for … More I was going to call this “aloneness” but then…

A Valentines Tragedy

I was fearful that Valentines Day was going to be rough, I have 3 consecutive good Valentines experiences on record, previous to these happy memories I subscribed to the notion that Valentines was a capitalist holiday, and well I was just too cool to care about something so pathetic with all the flowers and chocolate … More A Valentines Tragedy