Everywhere I looked I saw us. I saw us in everything. I drove the same routes and streets that we used to, just out of habit. Past our old apartment building, and restaurants we enjoyed together. I felt like a ghost wandering through a graveyard of memories, places that still exist, yet we don't.

Short Stories on Leaving…

Aug 30th  Like writing a paper, times new roman 11… I wonder if my Italian family can hear me typing?? The door is closed, I hope not, I don’t want to disturb them, but I have to write, its been so long… Summer is winding down, its dead everywhere and I’m still waiting for a... Continue Reading →

Travel Blog Series: Discovering the Unique and Beautiful Puglia. Part 3- Alberobello

Unique, quaint, charming; those are the words that come to mind when I think of Alberobello. This town located in the hills of the province of Bari, in Puglia, is famous for its small structures known as Trulli. Trulli can be found scattered throughout the provinces of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, however the town of... Continue Reading →

“You Deserve Better”

The only way forward is with courage...the courage to move forward ALONE....and to decide that you would rather be alone than repeat unhealthy patterns, because that decision is ultimately a gift to yourself, a chance at finding something truly beautiful, and meaningful, something you are deserving of. And so you see why you must love yourself? Because if you do not, then you have no reason to face these fears, and nothing to fight for.

Travel Blog Series: Discovering the Unique and Beautiful Puglia. Part 2- Cantina Aperta!

There is a wonderful day here in Puglia where the majority of the Cantina's are open to the public for wine tasting and tours. A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to learn a little bit about the famous wine production of Puglia as part of "Cantina Aperta". A fair warning to you all, I am no wine connoisseur, this is a post about wine for beginners!

Travel Blog Series: Discovering the Unique and Beautiful Puglia. Part 1- Ostuni

The White City; The Beauty of Ostuni Located atop a hill in the south of Italy, Ostuni, known as "The White City" is a gem of the Brindisi province. The perfect spot for an afternoon of wandering through tiny winding streets and discovering hidden nooks and crannies typical of historical centers of the many towns... Continue Reading →

I guess I watch too many Chick Flicks…

I'm frustrated. It's been months and I'm tired of all the lessons. The inspirational quotes and memes that were once significant and meaningful, now only contradict each other. Peace, forgiveness, loving yourself, acceptance...all beautiful notions in theory and much harder to accomplish in reality. I'm supposed to sit quiet and listen to myself, get to... Continue Reading →

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